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Are you an Innovator / Entrepreneur? Apply today to be part of the 2020 ATP Innovation Lab

The ATP Innovations in Testing Conference is well-known for its high-quality content and for attracting leaders in the assessment industry. With more than 1200 industry-leading attendees, the ATP Innovations in Testing Conference is one of the assessment industry’s largest and best-known conferences. For the fourth year, ATP will host the ATP Innovation Lab – a forum designed to bring to light inventors and entrepreneurs whose technology, products, or services could be “game-changers” for the industry.

The ATP Innovation Lab will culminate in a judged session on the Innovations in Testing main stage, where participants will present their innovations, receive feedback from judges and audience members, and vie for awards. Special networking opportunities will be provided to the participants during breakfast Wednesday morning.

Innovation Lab Participants will receive one-on-one coaching from industry mentors who can provide business and industry basics, as well as guidance on networking opportunities. Participants will also have access to a presentation coach to assist them in developing their stage pitch and honing their presentation skills.

Participation is limited to a maximum of five selected innovators / entrepreneurs. Applications are due by midnight EST on January 3, 2020. Please note that a video describing your product or service is strongly recommended, as well as an explanation why you should be selected.

Innovation Lab Activities:

  • Mentorship before and during the conference: An industry mentor will be matched with each entrepreneur to provide advice based on their prior experiences. Mentors and the entrepreneur will spend approximately five hours together prior to the conference, and at least one hour during the conference. ATP will provide times for the mentor and participant to have a conference call before the conference. ATP will also provide a private meeting space, if needed at the conference for the mentor and participant to work together to prepare for the on-stage presentation.
  • Making the Pitch at Innovations: Participants will make a pitch to the audience and judges concerning their product or service on Tuesday, March 31st on the main stage. Participants will have two minutes to describe their product or service, followed by four minutes for judges to ask questions and four minutes for feedback from the judges. If desired, participants may use up to a one minute video, and then one minute live presentation. Participants may use PowerPoint.
  • Judging: Participants will be judged by both the audience and a set of judges selected as independent evaluators.
  • Conference Interaction: On Wednesday, April 1st, over breakfast, each entrepreneur will have access to a tabletop to be able to speak with attendees, answer questions, and network.
  • Exposure to the Testing Industry: As a participant you will receive exposure to the top companies that represent majority of leading orgs in the testing profession, more than $2B of annual revenue in the industry.

The selection committee and the Innovation Lab judges will evaluate all qualified submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Market Readiness and Potential: Is the product, service or process launched or is further development or application needed to achieve readiness? What is the market potential of the innovation (adoption rates of targeted segments)? Are there demonstrated actual or projected annual sales? Does the product, service or process have local or international market reach?
  • True Innovation: How unique of a product or service is the entry? What problem(s) does it solve? Has it pioneered a new space or new way to do things? Has it sparked entirely new markets or opportunities for testing organizations? In other words, does it fit the definition of "game-changing?"
  • User Impact: What is the benefit of the product, service or process on the users of the innovation? Does the submission support the delivery of a cutting-edge market offering? Does it improve the quality of service or of the experience for users or test takers? Does it reduce costs? Reduce time? Increase quality? Does it make it easier for a test taker or for a business to adopt and/or manage their testing experience?
  • Effectiveness: Does the product or service deliver what it promises? Are there quantifiable metrics or case study information that demonstrate(s) the submission’s value within the testing industry?
  • Ease of Use/ROI: Does the entry improve and/or significantly impact a testing organization's business case, operational profile, business model and/or overall strategic position?

In addition, while all innovators and entrepreneurs, large or small, are encouraged to apply, preference will be given to those applicants that meet the following criteria:

  • Number of years in business: Four years or less as of January 1, 2020
  • Total revenue: Up to $8 Million in projected revenue by December 31, 2019

Participants will be asked to attest to both time in business and size of operation at time of applying to participate in the Lab.

Innovations accepted for consideration by the selection committee should relate to the testing industry and be:

  • products, services or process solutions that are new or newly developed;
  • accompanied by a concise description of the technical innovation involved, an assessment of the innovation’s market potential and the possible market challenges facing it; and
  • submitted via the internet to the organizer with full documentation at any time up to application deadline.

The selection committee’s and judges’ decisions are final. The selection committee and the panel of judges will make awards by simple majority vote, with the chair having a double vote. Participants can be eligible to win up to, but no more than, two awards.

Participants are expected to register for the event. All registration, travel, and hotel costs are the responsibility of the participants.

Innovations Lab Application Questions

The following question are included on the Innovation Lab Online Application. Please have your answers prepared before starting the application. All questions are required.

  1. How long has your company been in business?
  2. How long has your company been conducting business serving the testing industry?
  3. What is the total revenue projected for your company by December 31, 2019?
    1. Less than $8,000,000
    2. More than $8,000,000
  4. What is the total revenue from work serving the testing industry projected for your company by December 31, 2019?
    1. Less than $8,000,000
    2. More than $8,000,000
  5. Briefly describe your product or service. How do you see your product/service being used/applied in the testing industry?
  6. Why do you want to be part of the ATP Innovation Lab? What progress have you made on your product or service to date?
  7. Why should you be selected to be a part of the Lab?
  8. Please describe the technical innovation involved, an assessment of the innovation's market potential, and the possible market challenges facing it.

It is strongly suggested that applicants create a short video that describes the product or service being submitted and why it should be selected for the ATP Innovation Lab. Video links can be sent via email to

Rules of Participation

  1. If selected to participate, each Applicant shall be responsible for paying the applicable registration fee for the 2020 Innovations in Testing Conference, as well as all travel, lodging, and incidental expenses associated with attendance and participation in the Innovation Lab.
  2. All materials provided to the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) by the Applicant as part of its application shall become the property of the ATP, including any video. If requested in writing by an applicant who is NOT selected, the ATP shall agree to destroy all materials provided in the application process.
  3. Each Applicant agrees that, by its submission, it grants the ATP permission to share all such materials with its selection committee to use in determining which entities will be chosen to participate in the Innovation Lab.
  4. If selected to participate, each Applicant agrees that it provides the ATP with authorization to use the materials used in the ATP sessions, as well as in related promotional activities prior to and following the 2020 Innovations in Testing Conference.
  5. If selected to participate, and if ATP so desires, Applicant agrees to engage in a video promotion for the Innovations in Testing conference prior to and/or following the conference.
  6. Each Applicant agrees to, and does hereby, accept full legal responsibility for assuring protection of any of its intellectual property rights associated with products and/or services to be showcased in the Innovation Lab; provided, however, that each Applicant shall not be allowed to require the ATP, or anyone associated with the selection process, or anyone associated with the Innovation Lab, to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or any similar form. In other words, the participating entity shall not use any legal agreement to restrict the access to, or use of, the product and/or service, or any of the materials related to it provided to the ATP as part of the application process, or provided or developed in connection with the Innovation Lab.


Nothing undertaken by the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) in developing or operating the Innovation Lab, or in administering the application process, shall result in any liability to any applicant or participating entity, and each such Applicant/Participant shall hold the ATP, its officers, directors, representatives and volunteers harmless from and against any claims of damage or liability arising from its application or participation in the Innovation Lab. Further, each applicant/participant shall indemnify and hold the ATP its officers, directors, representatives and volunteers harmless for any actual or potential liability that might arise under the federal securities laws, including the definition of “general solicitation” under the Securities Act of 1933. For its part, the Innovation Lab shall be operated as a “demo day” and nothing in the events planned or carried out by the ATP as part of the Innovation Lab shall provide any specific investment offerings to attendees or any other individuals.


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