FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION: Who’s in Charge, a Human or Machine?

You've seen the headlines over the past year - students outraged that machines are making decisions about their exams. So how far is too far? Where should AI start and stop? Regulations and privacy laws are continuing to evolve to address the world of AI. This session will highlight the current state of affairs and what those regulations mean for the assessment industry.

Speaker(s): Ashok Sarathy, Graduate Management Admissions Council; Fred Oswald, Rice University; Marc Weinstein, Marc J. Weinstein, PLLC and Caveon, LLC; Bridget Herd, Pearson VUE


FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION: Hidden Bias in Your Credentials - How To Maximize Fairness in Your Program

Credentialing and assessment exams are notorious for perpetuating unintended unfair impediments that prevent access and opportunity for traditionally underrepresented identity groups. A panel of experts will examine and discuss important perspectives to keep in mind along the journey toward advocating for a much-needed transformation and reform of credentialing practices.

Speaker(s): Ellen Forte, edCount, LLC; Howie Schaffer, Big Tent Consulting; Jennifer Randall, University of Massachusetts; Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate, Lineup


FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION: Improving Fairness, Equity, and Bias Reduction in Assessments from Conceptualization to Deployment and Use

Presenters will share a 4-pillar approach to tackling the issues of Fairness, Equity and Bias Reduction in test development, deployment and use. While many people have focused on ensuring items are culturally appropriate and bias free, few have examined whether assessments are equally accessible to all and whether or not those rating others or interpreting tests inject bias into the assessments. They will demonstrate with real assessment data a case where a test was culturally appropriate, had no bias in items but teachers rating children consistently injected bias into the test scores.

Speaker(s): Joanna Solomon, MHS; Ye Tong, NBME


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