Program Overview

Attending the Innovations in Testing Conference allows attendees to benefit from a program that provides:

  • A diverse choice of session formats to learn from, such as panel discussions, presentations, debates, workshops, Peas in a Pod discussions, e-posters and innovation demonstrations;
  • Captivating opening and closing keynote speakers presenting on cutting-edge topics;
  • Numerous networking opportunities designed to connect you with other industry experts;
  • Vendor exhibits showcasing the latest assessment technologies and services.

Topics Covered

The following topics will be addressed throughout the conference program:

  • Learning Solutions: Technologies, methods, or practices for assessment and learning.
  • Trending or Disruptive Technologies: Emerging and novel technologies or new uses for existing technologies that have practical applications for the industry, including innovative approaches and technologies such as artificial intelligence.
  • Program Design: Purpose, roles of stakeholders, governance policies, content security, and best practices for programs.
  • Security, Legal, and Policy Considerations: Ethics, legislation, regulation, guidance, standards, and policies that govern the industry; considerations for security and privacy issues including methods and practices for fraud prevention, detection, and enforcement as well as the use of AI solutions. Includes data management aspects of collecting, transmitting, processing, and storing data in a secure manner.
  • Measurement Science: Methods and practices for developing valid, reliable, and fair measures; innovative and novel approaches and methods; analysis and reporting; and artificial intelligence impacts.
  • Business Strategy and Operations: Focuses on the business of testing, branding, marketing, customer development, digital transformation, and communications.
  • Test Administration and Delivery: Test delivery methods, standards, and best practices.
  • Equity, Accessibility, and Diversity: Methods and practices for ensuring fairness, accessibility, and accommodations for diverse stakeholders.
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