2024 Closing Keynote: Janet S. Twyman, PhD, BCBA, LBA

Opportunities and Challenges in Navigating AI-Integrated Assessment

Testing and credentialing are integral to our world today, and the rapid rise of AI demands a fresh perspective on how we channel this technology to enhance our testing programs. Join us for an engaging closing keynote where we delve into AI in testing, from unlocking exciting opportunities to sidestepping potential pitfalls.

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2024 Innovations in Testing marketing committee members, Rachel Schoenig, International Exam Security & Privacy Expert at Cornerstone Strategies, LLC, and Samantha Sappington, Vice President, Licensure and Certification at DRC, sit down with Janet Twyman to discuss hot topics in the Testing Industry.

Renowned learning and AI expert, Janet Twyman, will provide an insightful overview of current and upcoming AI applications in testing. She’ll spotlight innovative uses that can broaden access, boost efficiency, and elevate measurement quality, while reminding us that we must remain vigilant regarding limitations and concerns, including biases lurking in data and algorithms, hurdles in explainability and transparency, and the vital need for human oversight. We’ll also tackle concerns about high-stakes usage, privacy, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

As we augment assessments with AI, our compass points towards ethics, fairness, and safeguarding against harm, especially for vulnerable populations. This includes ongoing monitoring for adverse impacts on disadvantaged groups, upholding rigorous psychometric standards, and keeping human judgement and autonomy at the forefront. The ultimate fusion blends AI’s capabilities with human strengths in generalization, empathy, and judgment.

Join the dialogue as we navigate the uncharted waters of AI in credentialing together. Our mission: Elevating measurement quality, promoting equity, and preserving fairness.

About Janet S. Twyman, PhD, BCBA, LBA

Founder and Chief Learning Scientist, blast, a learning sciences company

Janet S. Twyman, Ph.D., is a renowned educator, researcher, and innovator in the field of learning sciences. She has dedicated her career to developing and implementing effective and evidence-based instructional practices that leverage the power of technology and a science of behavior. She has worked with diverse learners and settings, from preschoolers with intellectual disabilities to young adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems, from urban schools in New York City to rural schools in South Africa. She has also been involved in designing and disseminating web-based educational programs, such as Headsprout, that have reached thousands of students and teachers across the world.

She is currently the founder and Chief Learning Scientist at blast: A Learning Sciences Company, where she applies her expertise in instructional design, educational technology, and behavior analysis to create innovative and personalized learning solutions.

She is also an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where she conducts research on evidence-based innovations in education and the systems that support them.

She is a former president and fellow of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and has received numerous awards and honors for her distinguished contributions to educational research and practice, such as the Wing Award for Evidence-Based Education and the Fred S. Keller Behavioral Education Award.

She is a passionate advocate for teaching and learning technologies that produce individual and system change, and has spoken about new technologies for diverse learners and settings at the United Nations and other prestigious venues. She is also an avid horse lover and trainer, and has adopted and trained two wild mustangs using behavior analytic procedures.