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Innovations in Testing 2018 Kick Off

How do you kick off one of the biggest and best events in the testing industry in one of the biggest states in the U.S.? In a BIG way, of course! Join us as we open the 2018 Innovations in Testing Conference. In this session, we discuss the state of our industry, honor award winners, and celebrate the value we bring to our communities. Don’t miss this exciting and inspirational opening session!


Shift Your Brilliance

Keynote: Simon Bailey, Speaker, Innovator, Educator, Writer

Business change is happening at the speed of light. McKinsey & Company forecasts by 2025, automation technology innovations will transform many industries. Testing industry professionals will need to activate their existing skill sets in a new capacity to participate in the future marketplace. The professional skills of yesterday will not carry the day in the new and rapidly evolving testing landscape. Innovation will win over tradition. And innovation is driven by forward-looking thinking that comes from the top. To stay competitive, testing professionals must reposition themselves and their organizations–-and this will take a mindset reset.

Simon will address the critical strategies that allow testing industry professionals to stay relevant in an economy that is questioning the value and validity of traditional methods. He will share core principles for acquiring a forward-looking mindset while teaching participants to cultivate the insight needed to define and drive the future of their industry. Finally, Simon will challenge you to commit to be fearless and disruptive before being disrupted.


The Education of Tomorrow

Keynote: Deborah Quazzo, GSV Acceleration

We all know that, in today’s world, technology affects every aspect of our lives. It’s not only changing the way we do business, but it’s raising expectations and creating opportunities for education. Join us as Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner, GSV Acceleration, discusses the future of technology in education. Deborah recently served as a host of the GES 2017 Global Education Summit in Beijing, China. She’ll share some insights from this summit that brought more than 300 global leaders in education together to discuss the education of today...and that of tomorrow.


Closing Keynote Session: Creativity is King

Keynote: The Second City

Whether you’re Leading the Conversation within our testing industry, looking to spark creativity among your team, hoping to use out-of-the-box methods to solve challenges within your role, or find ways to better manage change, improvisation skills are essential. In this interactive keynote session, you will be introduced to the foundational philosophies improvisors use to be more nimble and establish environments that foster creativity. This session is like no other you’ve ever attended, presented by The Second City, the world’s premier improv comedy club, comedy theater and school of improvisation.


Law Enforcement Engagement: A Practical Guide for Successful Engagement

In September 2017, Equifax reported a massive data breach that could affect half of the U.S. population. Industry experts expect identity theft cases to be on the rise. This doesn’t include the wide variety of cases involving public safety. So how does a testing sponsor compete with these cases to get the attention of law enforcement? This session will explore how test sponsors and test delivery vendors have successfully engaged law enforcement for their test security cases.

PRESENTERS: Bryan Friess, Pearson VUE; Ray Nicosia, Educational Testing Service; Debra Persinger, Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB); Phil Canto, Florida Department of Education


The Time is Now: The Need for Data Mining for Performance Assessment for NGSS Practices

Dr. Janice Gobert will present an overview of the need for use of data mining techniques to realize teachers' assessment needs and students' learning of NGSS. Additionally, both the challenges and benefits will be discussed. Lastly, an overview to Inq-ITS, an innovative platform for science inquiry assessment and learning, will be given. With Inq-ITS, while "students" show what they know and get real time feedback from Rex, our cartoon dinosaur, teachers get real-time, actionable reports and alerts, identifying which students need help, and on what subcomponents of the respective inquiry practices.

PRESENTERS: Janice Gobert, Apprendis


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Challenges in Identifying Tomorrow's Leaders in Asia

Given the rapidly changing business environment in the countries across Asia, identifying tomorrow’s leaders is increasingly important to companies with operations across countries. This session will highlight some of the challenges and opportunities for using personality assessment to assess future leaders across major markets in Asia. Speakers will discuss issues in translation, norms, cultural/country differences, and also present case studies on implementation of a personality assessment in several Asian countries.

PRESENTERS: Krista Pederson, Hogan Assessments


At the Intersection of Technology, Education, and Assessment

Technology has significantly changed many of the industries we serve. From healthcare and financial services, to engineering, construction, education, and beyond, many of our clients must demonstrate knowledge and skills associated with technology. Further, technology such as mixed reality, artificial intelligence, and gamification offer new methods for delivering assessments and gathering data. What new possibilities are in store at the intersection of technology, education, and assessment? Where are we headed, and how do we get there in a way that maintains the trustworthiness of assessment results? Our panel of experts will share their perspectives and challenge us to think deeply about the future of assessment. You won’t want to miss this engaging, thought-provoking session!

PRESENTERS: Rachel Schoenig, Cornerstone Strategies, LLC; Burr Settles, Duolingo; Alina von Davier, ACTNext; Deborah Quazzo, GSV Acceleration


A Chink in the Armor: Update on US Copyright Secure Test Registrations

Testing programs have long relied on the U.S. Copyright Office’s “secure test” registration process as an essential part of any test security program. This special copyright registration process has existed since 1978, and allows the copyright holder to register its high-stakes tests confidentially, without the need to deposit a publicly available copy of the registered materials. In the summer of 2017, the Copyright Office issued an interim rule making several significant modifications to the secure test rules, which triggered a number of concerns among members of the testing industry. Among other things, the new procedures called into question whether certain forms of technology-based tests could still be registered, whether the Copyright Office would continue to accept the registration of item banks, and whether certain test delivery methods (such as on-demand testing and remote proctoring) preclude the use of the secure test registration process.

In response to the outcry from many members of the testing industry, the Copyright Office issued a supplemental interim rule in November 2017. Although the supplemental rule did not address all of the industry’s concerns, it created a new “group registration” process that the Copyright Office contends will allow testing programs to register large volumes of test questions in a single application. The Copyright Office currently is accepting public comments on its interim rule and supplemental interim rule. Separately, the Copyright Office has stated its intention to revisit the existing regulatory definition of a “secure test.” It intends to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking later this year after reviewing submitted comments.

As a result of these new developments, an important aspect of your program’s intellectual property protection is currently in flux. During this session, attorneys Alan Thiemann (General Counsel of ATP) and Jennifer Semko (Baker McKenzie) will provide an overview of the Copyright Office's interim and supplemental rules, efforts by members of the testing industry to obtain changes to these new rules, and the status of communications with the Copyright Office. There will be a Q&A opportunity so the speakers can obtain input and feedback from attendees so as to better inform their future communications with the Copyright Office about the concerns of the testing industry.

PRESENTERS: Alan Thiemann, Law Office of Alan J. Thiemann; Jennifer Semko, Baker & McKenzie


Improving Language Learning and Assessment with Data

Student learning data can and should be analyzed to develop and deploy new instructional technologies, such as personalized practice schedules, adaptive placement tests, and data-driven language assessments. These provide great opportunities for combining modern machine learning with computational linguistics and psychometrics to improve learning, testing, and student engagement. In this session, you will learn how Duolingo -- a language education platform with more than 200 million students worldwide -- accomplishes this through research, AB testing, and vast amounts of data.

PRESENTERS: Burr Settles, Duolingo


Workforce Skills Credentialing - A Global Review

Obtaining and demonstrating workforce skills is a critical path to employment across the globe. Regionally, however, different factors are driving the need for workforce skills credentials, and are impacting the credentialing market. Join our diverse panel to discuss the roles of migration, schools, and economic growth in shaping and maturing workforce skills credentials. Panelists will discuss how these different factors are impacting assessment-based workforce skills credentialing in their region, and how ATP’s newly published Credentialing Security Framework and Survey Report can help shape future growth. If you’re involved in the workforce skills credentialing space, you need to attend this session.

PRESENTERS: Roy Swift, Workcred; Mike Prebil, Center on Education and Skills at New America; Mohammad Shadid, ConnecME; Patrick Craven, City and Guilds; Alex Tong, ATA


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Cross Industry Panel: Communicating the Value of Testing

The testing industry impacts nearly every aspect of our lives, from healthcare, structural engineering, and air quality, to education, finances, and insurance, just to name a few. Despite this impact, testing has received significant negative attention from media and various legislative officials. As a result, test publishers and credential issuers are facing growing needs to better explain the value of quality testing and the rigor which it entails. Join with experts from across various assessment industry associations to discuss the value of testing to our communities and how we can better communicate and positively demonstrate that value.

PRESENTERS: Rory McCorkle, PSI Services; Chad Buckendahl, ACS Ventures (ICE); Nikki Eatchel, Scantron (ATP); Cicek Svensson, Comms Multilingual (SIOP); Walter Way, College Board (AERA/NCME); Jarret Dyer, College of DuPage (NCTA); Wayne Camara, (ITTC)


Psychological Testing in the Service of Disability Determination

This presentation describes the results of a recent report/book published by the National Academy of Medicine as funding by the Social Security Administration (SSA), which controls two disability programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which is oriented for disabled individuals, and their dependent family members, who have contributed to the Social Security funds, and Supplemental Security Income (SSSI), which is in part a means-tested program for disabled adults and children. Given that both program are aimed, at least in part, for individuals with disabilities, it is imperative that assessments of disability, in this case, mostly cognitive disabilities are required so that malingering is avoided. Assessment are needed to determine both if claimants have a legitimate disability and meet specific medical criteria to qualify for benefits. SSA also establishes the presence of a medically-determined impairment in individuals with mental disorders other than intellectual disability through the use of standard diagnostic criteria, which include symptoms and signs. These impairments are established largely on reports of signs and symptoms of impairment and functional limitation. The report called for the greater use of psychological testing and assessment, including both neuropsychological and personality testing, both of which will be described in this session.

PRESENTERS: Kurt Geisinger, Buros Center for Testing


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Workforce Skills Credentialing - an "Outside In" Perspective

The testing industry places significant value on valid, reliable, assessment-based workforce credentials. Employers and learners, however, are the ultimate decision-makers when it comes to determining the value of workforce credentials. After all, if employers don’t trust them or learners don’t seek them, credentials may eventually be irrelevant. So, how do employers view the state of the workforce credentialing market today? Join us as a panel of employers and other experts share their perspectives concerning the current future state of the credentialing market. Together, we’ll explore how employers view the usefulness of workforce skills credentials, issues and gaps in the market, and what the testing industry can do to help better meet employer and learner needs. You won’t want to miss this “outside in” look at workforce skills credentials and learn from the “ultimate decision-makers” how to improve your program.

PRESENTERS: Leslie Springer, Maverik, Inc.; David Zammiello, Project QUEST, Inc.; Sarah DeMark, Western Governors University; Michael Prebil, Center on Education and Skills at New America


Don't Pull the Fire Alarm! Preventing Accommodations Escalations from Becoming Crises

It's easy to panic when an angry candidate claiming to have a disability -- or their parent or their lawyer-- calls your boss, the CEO, or Legal office demanding an explanation as to why their test accommodation was denied. Call an emergency meeting! Send out an e-mail to everyone in the company! And most definitely, PULL THE FIRE ALARM!

If a testing accommodations situation escalates into a crisis, there is significant legal and business risk if the situation is not handled properly. Organizations need strategies for dealing with accommodations escalations before they become crises. This session will discuss the most common types of testing accommodations situations that can escalate into crises, and provide participants with calm, sensible strategies for avoiding these escalations. The panelists will describe specific examples to demonstrate effective strategies, as well as the pitfalls of not having such strategies in place.

PRESENTERS: John Hosterman, Paradigm Testing; Heather Case, International Council for Veterinary Assessment; Isabelle Gonthier, Yardstick Assessment Strategies


EU Privacy Protection: Perspectives from Privacy Practitioners

Test taker privacy rights impact just about every organization in the testing industry regardless of where it is located. With the coming EU General Date Privacy Regulation requirements and European political changes (e.g., Brexit), a concentrated effort is needed to address the various prvacy protection implications. Attendees will gain a better understanding of impending privacy requirements, implementation guidance, and lessons learned so far -- from the perspective of practitioners in the EU and US. Specifically, this session will feature privacy practitioners (test sponsors, publishers and delivery vendors) providing their perspectives on:

  1. the changing political and privacy landscape;
  2. upcoming compliance mandates;
  3. recently published guidance;
  4. implementation strategies; and
  5. potential pitfalls to avoid.

PRESENTERS: Joel Eisma, Data Solutions International; Donna McPartland, Arent Fox; Victoria Sellar, Cambridge English Language Assessment; Gary Behrens, General Dynamics IT


Innovation Lab Presentations

Join us for our second Innovation Lab! The innovation lab is an exciting awards competition where we will showcase entrepreneurs and inventors whose technology, products, or services could be “game changers” for the testing industry. Listen to their presentations and the judge’s feedback then cast YOUR vote for the new product or service most likely to be successful.


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