Opening Keynote

Reflect the Past, Shape the Future

Speaker: Dr. Parminder K. Jassal, Learn + Work Futures Group

When imagining the future, we often assume things will keep moving in the direction they have been in the recent past. While recent evolutions in assessment have been exciting and accelerating, they do not necessarily show a clean path to what will happen in the future. The Institute for the Future creates futures scenarios to transport people into possible worlds where a certain set of assumptions describe that world. Coming off a recent summit on the future of testing, Dr. Jassal will lead a futures expedition to investigate four alternative futures that workers, learners, educators, and employers will likely mix and match to create a new ecosphere of assessment. Break out of habitual thinking to stretch your strategic options, inspire innovation, and to build new strategies for shaping the future in which we all thrive.

About Dr. Jassal

Dr. Parminder K. Jassal leads the Learn + Work Futures Group at the Institute for the Future. Parminder investigates the future through three intersecting lenses: the innovations of open economies; changing role of people in their environments; and the relationship between learning and working. Through new research and research-inspired prototyping, Parminder applies insights from the fringes to promote positive culture shift and solutions by getting ahead of inequities.

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